Who we are

Strategy B2B has been founded in 2002 by Prof. Dr. Uwe Hilzenbecher with the purpose to empower B2B industry corporations and financial service providers for optimum profitable growth by means of professional strategy, management and digital technology.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Hilzenbecher
Strategy B2B founder, owner and CEO

Prof. Dr. Hilzenbecher is a professional profitable growth strategy, management and digitalization expert and practitioner.


  • MSc (system automation)
  • MBA (growth strategy)
  • PhD (profitable growth strategy)
  • Professor of corporate strategy (emeritus, transitioned to consultancy)

Professional development

  • Dornier / EADS (today: Airbus Industries), space division, 1983-1991, systems engineer, project manager
  • Diehl Aerospace, 1991-1998, head of systems engineering, head of business division
  • Siemens Production & Logistics Systems PA, 1998-2002, director corporate strategy and strategic marketing
  • Graduate School of Business Administration, Zürich, 2002-2009, professor corporate strategy (visiting faculty)
  • Lorange Institute of Business, Zürich, 2009-2014, professor corporate strategy and business management (visiting faculty)
  • Strategy B2B, 2002-today, founder, owner, CEO, profitable growth strategy, management and digitalization expert


  • 40+ years in professional B2B business
  • 40+ years in data, analytics, math, automation, digitalization, optimization, AI and IT
  • 30+ years in profitable growth strategy, corporate strategy, marketing & sales strategy and management
  • 1.500+ C-level managers and executives trained and coached in profitable growth strategy
  • 250+ profitable growth strategy, management & digitalization projects delivered to B2B enterprises
    in 40 industries and in 25 countries worldwide (see ‘Experience’)