Profitable Growth Strategy : the challenge

Strategy as the art of ‚doing the right things right at the right time‘ has a long tradition in corporate and business management with mediocre results. What are the reasons for this and what would be a remedy ?

Strategic schools of thought such as the Resource-based View, Capability-based View or the Knowledge-based View may be correct from a conceptual point of view, but they are of little help because they can hardly be operationalized in B2B practice. Even at the planning stage, qualitative and semi-quantitative strategy methods are not able to handle relevant growth drivers such as complexity, dynamics and uncertainty; the subsequent strategy implementation then unfortunately often falls into the ‚business as usual‘ category.

Common conventional approaches of strategic management fail in planning and in implementation.

Modern data-based methods such as Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence can help here, as – when it comes to the application of really professional methods – they are the only known technology that can handle and optimize growth drivers such as complexity, dynamics and uncertainty in planning and in implementation, thus enabling the development and successful implementation of high-performance growth strategies.

ProStrategy B2B : the Solution

B2B companies can initiate profitable growth with the ‚Profitable Growth Strategy for B2B‘ system (ProStrategy B2B).

The ProStrategy B2B system offers a range of effective methods for strategy design, strategy implementation and strategy optimization:

  • from basics like strategy analysis and strategy potentials
  • to state-of-the-art methods like strategy forecasts and scorecards
  • to cutting-edge approaches such as digital, AI-based self-optimizing strategy definition and implementation

How your strategy enables for profitable growth

Along the steps towards optimum profitable growth of your B2B company based on the ProStrategy B2B :

  • Know-how transfer regarding effective growth strategies and strategic management
  • Design of individual company growth strategies and programs
  • Implementation of strategies for profitable growth

Strategy B2B supports you with

  • Expert services such as seminars, workshops and projects as well as
  • Digital Services such as Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence based design and optimization


Expert Service : Executive Seminar ‚Optimum Profitable Growth Strategy for the B2B Corporation‘

You need a professional know-how transfer on the topic of optimal profitable growth strategies for B2B companies as a basis for concrete steps towards an individual design of your company’s growth strategy ?

The Executive Seminar ‚Optimal Growth Strategies for the B2B Corporation‘ provides this know-how transfer and teaches you tools & methods, systematics & strategies for the optimal management of profit & growth strategies for B2B companies.


Digital Service : ‚Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B‘ for optimum Profitable Growth Strategies in B2B (AOProB2B.Strategy)

You need the company-specific design of a professional growth strategy including the program for strategy implementation and don’t want / can’t provide resources in terms of time, personnel and know-how?

The digital service ‚Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B‘ (AOProB2B.Strategy) analyzes, defines and optimizes the growth strategy of your company using the ‚Profitable Growth OptimAIzer‘ – a Strategy B2B proprietary IT solution based on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

AOProB2B.Strategy addresses and optimizes the perspectives relevant for profitable growth and strategic management, from data to insights into actions in Marketing & Sales, in Operations & Management to results & returns in Corporate Finance
(Details : see page Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize).


Expert Service : Executive Workshop ‚Optimum Profitable Growth Strategy for your B2B Corporation‘

You would like to actively involve your executive management team in the design and know-how of a optimum profitable growth strategy for your B2B company?

The Executive Workshop ‚Optimum Profitable Growth Strategy for your B2B company‘ provides a know-how transfer on the topic, provides a design for profitable growth of your B2B company generated by the Digital Service AOPro.Strategy and develops a ready-to-implement program for the optimum profitable growth strategy of your B2B company together with your executive team.


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Last but not least

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker