How to make your company grow profitably (faster and better …)

The three basic steps towards optimum profitable growth (OPG) of your business

  • know-how transfer related to OPG 
  • design of a company specific OPG programme and OPG management system
  • realization of OPG

are supported by Strategy B2B with 

  • Expert services such as seminars / webinars, workshops and projects and
  • Digital services such as Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence based design and optimization.


Expert Service : Executive Seminar / Webinar ‚Optimum Profitable Growth for the B2B Corporation‘

You want to get an overview on the topic of optimum profitable growth for the B2B corporation before you undertake specific steps towards a enterprise specific OPG design ?

The executive seminar / webinar ‚Optimum Profitable Growth for the B2B Corporation‘ provides a know-how transfer and delivers tools & methods, systematics & strategies for the management of optimum Profitable Growth for B2B corporations.


Digital Service : ‚Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize‘ for the B2B Corporation (AOPro.Enterprise)

You want to save ressources such as time, staff effort or know-how regarding the design of a profitable growth programme for your B2B corporation ?

The digital service ‚Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize‘ for the B2B corporation (AOPro.Enterprise) analyzes, defines and optimizes the Profitable Growth of your corporation by means of the ‚Profitable Growth OptimAIzer‘ – an advanced analytics and artificial intelligence based, Strategy B2B proprietary solution.

AOPro.Enterprise adresses and optimizes all perspectives being relevant for Profitable Growth : from data to insights to actions in Marketing & Sales, in Operations & Management towards results & returns in Corporate Finance.


Expert Service : Executive Workshop ‚Optimum Profitable Growth for YOUR B2B Corporation‘

You want to actively involve your executive management team regarding optimum profitable growth (OPG) know-how and OPG design  ?

The executive workshop ‚Optimum Profitable Growth for YOUR B2B Corporation‘ conveys a Profitable Growth know-how transfer, provides an AOPro.Enterprise generated Profitable Growth design and elaborates – together with your executive team – a ready to implement realization programme for optimum Profitable Growth of your corporation.



Project ‚Optimum Profitable Growth for YOUR B2B Corporation – Realization‘

You and your executive management team want to realize profitable growth for your B2B enterprise?

In a client-specific project ‚Optimal Profitable Growth – Realization‘, you and your executive team, accompanied by StrategyB2B, implement all measures necessary for the optimal profitable growth of your company in all relevant fields of action.


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Last but not least 

There are three types of enterprises

            • those who make things happen
            • those who watch things happen
            • those who wonder what happens

Phil Kotler