Profit & Sales Management : the Challenge

These days Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are used in many B2B enterprises; nevertheless for most B2B enterprises there still exist huge un-realized potentials when it comes to the acquisition of profitable order intake.

The reasons for theses unused profit and sales potentials are manifold and would fill books; some highlights are :

  • CRMs are more often than not used as contact and communication data base and not as a sales management tool
  • CRMs  – from a technical point of view – do not offer specific support for the management of profitable growth
  • Sales reps do not maintain acquisition data and regard it as unpopular to make the true state of customer order acquisition visible.
  • The quality of sales opportunity and sales pipeline data, being entered in the CRM, is poor in many cases
  • Sales management beyond sheer quote setting rarely does work; sales controlling in most cases does not work at all
  • etc.

Conclusion : despite CRM tool usage a stable and profitwise robust performing Sales Pipeline Management System is missing.

Profit & Sales Pipeline Management B2B : the Solution

Strategy B2B has developed a profit and sales pipeline management system for B2B enterprises, which does focus on profitable growth. 

  • The system provides a link between market segments / customers, sales opportunities, order intake, contribution margin and the coporate finance system by means of  portfolio and process management methods
  • It can perform with and / or without a CRM system; plain ERP-based ops are supported
  • It can be integrated with any CRM database

The Profit & Sales Pipeline Management B2B (ProSPLM B2B) system can be implemented in any B2B company and in any B2B industry as a management system supporting profitable growth – regardless of the ‘big moves’ at the corporate or business unit strategy level.

How to get your sales department to achieve more and better order intake

Along the basic steps towards profitable growth (PG) of your corporation by means of more and better order intake :

  • acquisition and the development of effective PG know-how
  • design of a company specific PG program and management system
  • realization of PG

Strategy B2B supports you with 

  • Expert services such as seminars, workshops and projects and
  • Digital services such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence based design and optimization.


Expert Service : Executive Seminar ‘Profit & Sales Pipeline Management for B2B Companies’

You would like to get an overview of the contents of Profit & Sales Pipeline Management for B2B companies without concrete steps towards a Profit & Sales Pipeline Management design?

The executive seminar / webinar ‘Profit & Sales Pipeline Management for B2B Companies’ provides a know-how transfer and teaches you tools & methods, systematics & strategies for optimal Profit & Sales Pipeline Management in B2B Sales.

Digital Service ‘Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize’ (AOProB2B.Sales)

You don’t want or can’t provide the time, personnel and know-how for the design of a company specific Profit & Sales Pipeline Management system ?

The digital service ‘Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize’ (AOProB2B.Sales) analyzes, defines and optimizes the Profit & Sales Management of your company by means of the ‘Profitable Growth OptimAIzer’ – a Strategy B2B proprietary IT solution based on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

AOProB2B.Sales addresses and optimizes the perspectives relevant for profitable growth and profitable order intake, from data to insights on actions in Marketing & Sales, in Operations & Management to results & outcomes in Corporate Finance
(Details : see page Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize).

Executive Workshop ‘Profit & Sales Pipeline Management for your B2B company’

You want to actively involve your Executive Management Team in the design and know-how of Profit & Sales Pipeline Management?

The Executive Workshop ‘Profit & Sales Pipeline Management for your B2B company’ provides a know-how transfer on the topic, provides a design for profitable growth of your B2B company generated by the AOPro and develops a ready-to-implement program for the Profit & Sales Pipeline Management of your B2B company or sales organization together with your Executive Team.

Contact us : info@strategyb2b.com

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