Profitable Growth – the Challenge

Profitable Growth is both an imperative and a challenge for the B2B corporation. Shareholder requirements for growing returns at shrinking risks exist during normal economy as well as during and post economic crisis.

Common management techniques have often shown poor return results, as they struggle to deliver robust performance in face of complex, dynamic and uncertain market environments.

Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B : the Solution

The digital service ‚Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B‘
(AOPro B2B) enables executive managers (CEO, CFO, CSO … ) to ignite and realize optimum Profitable Growth.

The AOPro B2B digital service applies Strategy B2B‘s proprietary  Profitable Growth OptimAIzer, an Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence powered  profitable growth optimization solution, to digital corporate data.

AOPro B2B adresses and optimizes all perspectives being relevant for Profitable Growth :

  • from data to insights to actions in Marketing & Sales, Operations & Management
  • to results and returns in Corporate Finance

The AOPro B2B digital service starts from a data-based multi-perspective enterprise PG analysis (based on transaction data from ERP, CRM etc. [e.g. SAP, Microsoft, SalesForce]). Subsequent steps determine PG  forecasts, potentials and optima, using the PGO.AI app. AOPro B2B specifies a ready to implement Optimum Profitable Growth Programme, including PG strategy, scorecards and PGM system. Results are delivered and presented to the Executive Management after ≈ 4 weeks.

The Profitable Growth OptimAIzer app (core) will be provided for PGM / PGO operative use.

Key value driving perspectives are

  • segments, customers
  • marketing, products, pricing
  • sales pipeline
  • sales force
  • assets, processes
  • ops, suppliers
  • financing, investing, risk
  • IT, innovation,
  • HR, management

Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B : the Results

AOPro delivers the building blocks of Profitable Growth (PG) for your B2B enterprise :

  • PG analysis
  • PG forecasts
  • PG potentials
  • PG optima
  • PG strategy
  • PG scorecards
  • PG management system
  • PG implementation – programme and actions
  • Bonus : Profitable Growth OptimAIzer (core module)

Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B : Values and Benefits

Based on the AOPro results your B2B corporation will be ready to :

  • implement the PG programme
  • ignite PG fast

Performance gains may be :

  • Order intake growth**             : 5 – 15 %
  • Contribution margin growth** : 3  –  8 %

(** depending on PG programme implementation )

Analyze – OptimAIze – Profitize B2B : Info Brochure

Please click on the picture below to download the brochure >Analyze – OptimAIzer – Profitize<

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