Pricing is the moment of truth,
all of marketing comes to focus
in the pricing decision. 

E. Raymond Corey

We have been analysing many businesses from a profit and pricing point of view. Again and again it has been observed, that cost-plus pricing is the de-facto pricing standard and market pricing is the exception. Almost always unexploited profit potentials and too-low financial returns were the consequences. In terms of contribution margins millions of euros and dollars fell victim to poor discount policies.
Despite the fact, that price is the #1 profit driver and many high-performing pricing techniques are known, they are rarely used in sales management – in daily business the principle „One price fits all“ dominates.

What to do ?

A solid profitabilty increase does not require to implement the Grand Pricing Strategy. More often than not intelligent evaluations of transaction data  allow to develop pricing policies, which can support the sales force.

Strategy B2B offers a management system, which works acc. to the priciples of profitable pricing. It

  • closes the len Link between Marketing, Sales and Finance
  • increases the profitability independent from 
    • a Configure-Price-Quote [CPQ] tool or a CRM tool being used or not
      (.. the system also can be used in case the business merely uses an ERP an no CPQ or CRM tool)
    • the type of CPQ or CRM tool being used
  • determines price segments and price elasticities of demand
  • optimizes price and profit based on transaction data
  • is based on (real … ) customer buying behavior and willingness to pay in conjunction with (real … ) sales reps selling behavior – a quality which Conjoint Analysis is not able to provide

The B2B Profit & Pricing Management System (ProPRISYS) can be introduced in any B2B enterprise in any industry.
ProPRISYS is a focus measure which provides for Profitable Growth independent from the ‚Big Moves‘ at the level of Coporate Strategy or Business Strategy.

ProPRISYS can be supplied in any of the five phases of Profitable Growth realisation  :

Seminar ‚B2B Profit & Pricing Management‘

Analysis of the existing Pricing / Pricing Management system in your enterprise and identification of the profitable growth potentials exploitable from utilization of the  ‚B2B Profit & Pricing Management System‘

Customizing of the ‚B2B Profit & Pricing Management System‘ and planning of all necessary one-time measures related to the introduction of the system in your business

Conduction of all one-time measures as necessary for teh introduciton of the ‚B2B Profit & Pricing Management System‘ in your enterprise :

  • process- and portfolio implementation
  • management implementation
  • IT implementation
    • as a stand-alone application (Visual Studio) incl. rolling pricing optimizer or
    • as a plug-in / add-on application in your ERP, CRM or BI (in C#, SQL or the like)
    • in third-party software (e.g. in Configure-Price-Quote [CPQ] tool)
  • ‚B2B Profit & Pricing Management‘ Manual
  • Training
  • Roll-out
  • Ramp-Up

Support of all recurring measures during the utilization (focus on the  ramp-up phase) of the ‚B2B Profit & Pricing Management System‘ in your enterprise

  • Support
  • Pricing Reviews