Many pathes can lead you to your target,
but there is only one way you can go.

How can you make your business grow more profitable (and faster  … ) ?

The five fundamental steps along the path towards Profitable Growth are :


Analysis, Potentials & Roadmaps

(Re-) Design


Recurring Activities

Acquire the necessary know how for profitable growth

Analyse the status quo, identify the achievable growth potentials and feasible roadmaps

(Re-) design a profitable growth program aiming at the realisation of the identified potentials

Realise the growth program one time efforts

Consistently execute the growth program recurring activities

How can these steps be carried through most effectively, and by whom ?

B2B enterprises select from three options :

  • Own resources and expertise
    (do it yourself = DIY)
  • External resources and expertise
    (Do it externally = DIX)
  • Best combination of own and external resources and expertise 
    (do it together = DIT)

Do it yourself (DIY)

At it’s best your business successfullly advances towards Profitable Growth along the 5 steps by means of own methods, tools and resources

Do it together (DIT)

The most effective way towards Profitable Growth may be to go together with Strategy B2B

Strategy B2B Profitable Growth optimization solutions and services can be applied in single or multiple phases :

DIY may require a long way to go and it bears the risk of ‚trial and error‘ and the risk of ‚re-inventing the wheel‘

Should there be uncertainties regarding the availability of Profitable Growth know how (step 1 of the Profitable growth roadmap) you can choose the option to let Strategy B2B deliver it. We will inform your management team regarding Profitable Growth systems, methods, tools, best practices and cases .

Thereafter you’re gong to design and realise your indiviual growth programme either acc. to DIY or DIT

For details see page : Services : Profitable Growth Know-how

In case you want to have at hand a well structured spectrum of potential growth targets, viable growth pathes and manageable programmes, Strategy B2B will carry through a professional profitable growth analysis, potential identification and roadmaps determination.

In the next step you will use the insights gained for the definition and realisation of your own growth programme.

Details see page : ‚Services : Profitable Growth Analysis, Potentials & Roadmaps‘

There exist many pathes towards Profitable Growth. In the spectrum between incremental approaches on the one side and full-size programs on the other side, you must know the one best way to go.

Be it by redesign of an already existing growth program or by design of a new growth program – your collaboration with Strategy B2B will show the roadmap to Profitable Growth.

The growth program may include optimized an growth strategy, product  and customer portfolios, management methods, performance, tools and IT. However the growth program may look like in the details, the (re)-) design and planning work will be carried through acc. to professional programm and project management standards. Strategy design and performance finetuning will be designed using business simulation and optimization tools. The strategy execution programm will clearly specify one-time activities and  recurring activities using workbreakdown structure, workpackages, deliverable items plan, milestone plan, master schedule, performance measures etc. Should IT-tools be concerned, they will be specified and tested as rapid prototypes.

Growth program (re-) design being carried through acc. to professional standards will ensure that your growth requirements will be met.

Details see page : Services : The (Re-) Design of Profitable Growth

The growth program’s specified one-time activities (e.g. processes, methods, tools, IT-implementation, trainings etc.) will be carried through acc. to the agreed-upon workshare and with professional assistance.
Subsequently recurring day-to-day activities will be carried though using own resources.

Details see page : ‚Services : The realisation of Profitable Growth‘

You will carry through the growth program’s recurring day-to-day activities (at operative level, at management level etc.) while using our support for selected focus.

Details see page: ‚Services : The realisation of Profitable Growth‘

Strategy B2B works consequently according to standards and principles, best practices und next practices of 

  • corporate finance & accounting
  • business management & project management
  • systems engineering
  • operations research
  • IT & software engineering

Subsequent pages describe Strategy B2B’s Profitable Growth optimization services and solutions acc. to the ‚5-steps to success‘ model.