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Taking value adding consultancy serious, we also support your enterprise in the periphery of profitable growth and along it’s life cycle.

The Strategy B2B portfolio of profitable growth support services consists of :

Many strategies, which have been developed and implemented with high expectations do not deliver the expected results.

A structured and systematic review of such strategy and it’s results, carried out by Strategy B2B, will check the :

  • process of strategic management (from planning until controlling)
  • strategy (completeness, consistency, market & customer portfolio, product portfolio, pricing, innovation etc. )
  • strategy communication
  • way of strategy implementation and the ressources being involved 
  • operative execution and the operative management
  • method and function of controlling  (static vs. dynamic)

We elaborate an individual catalogue of strategy improvement measures, which will boost the profitable growth of your enterprise and which will bring it back on track again.

Almost every B2B enterprise occasionally or regularly faces the need to (re-) design or renew it’s growth strategy.

An individually tailored strategy workshop is a proven means to achieve this result.

An exemplified course of events and action for a profitable growth strategy workshop is :

  • Pre-workshop activities / preparation 
    • Workshop planning (strategy development approach, agenda, participants, preparatory work, results)
    • Data and information acquisition (in data perspectives : finance, markets, customers, products, processes, HR etc.)
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis (in data perspectives)
    • Market and business forecasts
  • Strategy workshop
    • Review of preparatory work with focus on analysis and forecasting results
    • Strategic targets review and (re-) definition
    • Strategy alternatives
    • Strategy baseline
    • Scorecards
    • Strategy implementation planning & management
    • Strategy communication
  • Post-workshop reworks
    • fine tuning
    • strategy documentation
Strategy (re-) design carried out ad-hoc or sporadically may be an appropriate management approach under conditions like low complexity and high portions of stable, low-volatility recurring business. 
For medium sized and for large B2B enterprises it turns out to be more effective to run a formal strategic management system (SMS).
Numerous research results give evidence, that this approach provides for higher performance.

We introduce and launch a strategic management system (SMS) in your B2B enterprise, including steps like :

  • Definition of the SMS process 
    • process phases
    • per phase activities and results
    • data and information flow
    • linkage to the alraedy existing operative business system 
  • SMS manual
  • SMS tools
  • SMS realization
    • installation
    • trainings
    • roll-out and ramp-up

Benefit from Strategy B2B’s large SMS experience as gained from many client-specific SMS installations.

US-strategist Gordon Eubanks once formulated the insight „Strategy gets you on the playing field, but execution pays the bills.”  
This reflects the experience, that strategy planning is more easy to do than successful strategy execution.

In the 90-ies Drs. Kaplan & Norton have developed the so-called ‘Balanced Scorecard (BSC)’, a metrics-based performance manage-ment system. It has experienced high acceptance and many installations worldwide; today it is successfully used in many variants.

In the course of hundreds of projects Strategy B2B did optimize the scorecard approach w.r.t. to management data and information flows, as they typically exist in modern B2B enterprises  and we furthermore did increase the management effectiveness w.r.t. strategy implementation and strategy controlling. 

Regarding your B2B enterprise Strategy B2B will provide standard scorecards and customized scorecards (as necessary), which really do work and which enable you to sucessfully implement your growth strategy in a well controlled manner.

Many CRM system fail w.r.t.  sales performance.

Despite advertised performance improvements and proper IT installation, the effects on profitable growth are rare.

We will put you CRM system, it’s installation, it’s use in your sales management system to the acid test.

The review will focus on the :

  • sales processes (in all phases)
  • sales data base structure and the data quality 
  • sales pipeline
  • sales performance
  • sales pipeline management system (in all phases)

We will elaborate and provide an individual catalogue of CRM usage and sales performance improvement measures for your business.


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