Plans are nothing, planning is everything

Dwight D. Eisenhower


The analysis, the potentials and the roadmaps towards Profitable Growth show the spectrum of the possible and the doable.

Whatever initiative shall be carried through to realise optimized Profitable Growth (PG), it must adress already in the PG (re-) design phase :

  • the organisation and portfolios (where to optimize … )
  • the mediums of effect (optimize by what means … )
  • the most effective way of realization (how to optimize)

Some top PG levers are displayed below together with illustrative examples of possible patterns of PG (re-) design.

Key organisation branches and portfolios, which may be subject for the implementation of Profitable Growth initiatives are :

  • Corporation
  • Finance
  • Business units
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer portfolio
  • Product portfolio
  • Pricing
  • R&D, Innovation
  • Production
  • Purchasing

Key mediums of effect which may be the means for Profitable Growth (re-) design and realization

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Processes
  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Workpackages
  • Activities
  • Performance
  • Methods, IT-Tools

The Profitable Growth field results from the interactions between organisation & portfolios with the mediums of effect

Example : Focus measure (work package) Introduction of Profit & Pricing Management“

Example : Workpackage „Introduction of Profit & Sales Pipeline Management“ 

Example : Large scale initiative (program)  „Introduction of Profitable Growth Management in a business unit“ 

It is a basic to know where to optimize for Profitable Growth.

It is mandatory to know by what means to optimize for Profitable Growth.

It is essential to know HOW to optimize for Profitable Growth.


We will introduce the HOW of advanced Profitable Growth optimization
to you.


You prefer the use of proven standard solutions for your enterprise’s Profitable Growth w/o  exploiting all possible directions ?
Strategy B2B’s off-the-shelf solutions

  • ‘Profit & Pricing Management’ or
  • Profit & Sales Pipeline Management’

may be your best choice.

You want to go for an individual design ? 

Your team together with Strategy B2B will (re-) design the optimal Profitable Growth program.

Whatever option you select : Strategy B2B will optimize the Profitable Growth of your enterprise.


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