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Erich Kästner


The Growth Program shows where, by what means and how to optimize your approach towards Profitable Growth.

During the implementation of one-time efforts and recurring measures of your enterprise’s Growth Program Strategy B2B will escort you along the way towards realization of Profitable Growth. 

Acc. to the focal points of your Profitable Growth (PG) program we will support and carry through the necessary one-time efforts in the concerned organisational units & portfolios and the mediums of effect.

 Examples : 

  • Introduction of PG Management
  • PG Management Manuals
  • Strategy communication
  • Introduction of PG tools
  • PG  IT Implementation
  • PG Training
  • PG Roll-out
  • PG Ramp-up
  • PG Change Management
After the roll-out of the Profitable Growth (PG) program and the transition into PG operative use, we will escort your enterprise along the execution of recurring measures acc. to your individual requirements. This may include (e.g.)  : 
  • Reviews
    • Profit & pricing reviews
    • Profit & sales pipeline reviews
    • Performance reviews
    • PG management effectiveness reviews
    • PG strategy reviews
    • PG financial Reviews
  • Trainings
    • Profit & pricing refresher trainings
    • Profit & sales pipeline management refresher trainings
  • Software release updates
    • Profitable Growth Analyser
    • Profitable Growth Strategizer
    • Profitable Growth Optimizer
  • Troubleshooting


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