If you can measure it, you can manage it.

(Adopted from Dr. Walter Edwards Deming)

As a CEO, a CSO or as a top manager, you know your business well and you know where and how to impact to make it grow further.

A professional profitable growth analysis and potential identification will complete, detail, verify and validate your point of view. 

Strategy B2B’s profitable growth analysis, potential identification and roadmaps explorer will show :

in the details the

  • past and present business performance
  • future business performance forecast (for ‚business as usual‘ ) 
  • profitable growth potentials*
  • profitable growth roadmaps*

* beyond ‘business as usual’, namely profitable growth optimized business

in the perspectives

  • market, segments and customers
  • products
  • pricing
  • organisation
    (business divisions, sales divisions etc.)
  • marketing and sales
  • production and purchasing
  • processes
  • management
    (Sales Pipeline Mgmt, Pricing Mgmt, Performance Mgmt, Strategic Mgmt)
  • strategy
  • risk

based on 

  • qualitative informationen
    (detailled self-assessment, structured in perspectives )
  • quantitative data 
    (transaction data stemming from ERP / CRM / BI)

The analysis of your business and the identification of the related  profitable growth potentials in the perspectives described above will be carried through by means of Strategy B2B’s proprietary applications :

using the functions :

  • descriptive analysis
  • diagnostic analysis
  • predicitive analysis
  • prescriptive analysis

using the functions :

  • product pipeline & portfolio optimization
  • pricing optimization
  • segment / customer pipeline & portfolio optimization 

using the functions :

  • profit &and sales pipeline optimization
  • pricing optimization

Time duration : ca. 1-2 weeks     (depending on the quantity and the quality of your business transaction data) 

Results :

  • Report ‚Profitable Growth : Analysis, Potentials & Roadmaps“
  • Results presentation (in-house)
  • Analysis, forecasting and planning data files

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